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When it comes to the "shop local" initiative, food is the first thing that comes to mind. One can easily find a farmer's market or a farm-to-table restaurant that serves only locally sourced food. However, the locavore movement often comes to a bit of a roadblock when it comes to clothing. There are some brands that have been bringing production back to the US, but few garments can truly be considered local on the same scale as locavore food. This month I had the shopper's equivalent of a meal at a farm-to-table restaurant. In mid-October I picked up some of Alice's hand-sketched patterns with fabric swatches and headed to Mood, where Tarek, with whom Alice has been working for years, helped me find the luscious wool suiting materials needed for the patterns. I then headed a couple blocks uptown and dropped the fabrics and patterns off at Alice's factory in the garment district. After the samples are finished, Alice makes adjustments and notes about the fit and we send them back to Manhattan for production. A couple weeks later, I went back to the factory and picked up the first of the batch: this gorgeous gathered skirt in a black microplaid wool that's equal parts warm and chic. If you buy your food local, why not buy your clothes local, too? We currently have a full size run in stock so come try on this beauty while she lasts!


- Lizzie


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