If she was really nice this year

You always want to make her feel special and show your appreciation around the holidays, but sometimes you want to go the extra mile. Whether she's been nice or you've been naughty, here are our picks for extra special gifts this year. 


Isabella Tote, $485

You can't go wrong with this oversized leather tote. It's made of a supple, textured leather; it's a rich eggplant color; and it has bold brass hardware and an extra long tab closure. It's cool enough that she'll get compliments everywhere she goes and classic enough that she'll wear it for years to come.  


Chunky Ribbed Sweater, $395

This long tunic is super warm, super chic, and a beautiful dark hunter green color. You'll know she loves it when she wears it every day and her hugs of gratitude are extra cozy. 


Three Flower Ring, $1350

This baby is 18kt and chock full of fine gemstones, and she's probably been looking at it longingly all year. Even if you've been extra naughty, everything will turn out sparkling once this is on her finger. 


Equilibrium Studs, $295

Is there such a thing as perfect studs? These little gems get pretty close. They're 14kt gold and black diamonds. Tiny enough that she'll wear them every day, special enough that she'll always make a statement. 


Stacking Eternity Diamond Rings, $580

These 14kt gold dainty rings are fully circled in white, black, and brown diamonds. Whether you're making the perfect addition to her already dazzling collection or being a hero and getting all three, these are going to get a lot of love. 


Rilla Sweater, $325

Wrap her up in warmth but preserve her cool in this fun knit tunic. Stylish color-block + soft mohair = her new favorite sweater.


Mountain Plaid Zip Poncho, $450

Cozy felted wool, super cool print, and easy oversized shape. She can throw it on over her favorite sweater or put it on over a jacket for a bit of extra warmth. It's the staple she never knew she needed!

Beveled Gem Drop Earrings, $195 (white topaz), $295 (ruby and sapphire)

A little bit of sparkle never hurt anybody! She'll be able to dress up any outfit with these delicate, slightly dangly gemstones. 

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