Necklaces and earrings and bracelets, oh my!

Here at A.Cheng, we are smitten over a local jewelry designer  by the name of Jenny Sheriff. 

Jenny Sheriff, a fellow New Yorker who recently relocated to Israel, creates staple pieces that ride where simplicity and elegance meet. Each creation encompasses it's own seemingly effortless unique quality.

The fantastic pieces we carry here at the shop are a mix of chain bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Metals range from sterling silver to gold fill to a combination of both with accents of oxidized silver. The delicate and fine attributes of each makes them great for being an every day wear accessory.

Here are some of our latest additions to the shop from her collection; Call us at 718.783.2826 to order or email


A gold fill and oxidized silver triangle bracelet / $124



A gold fill and oxidized silver triangle necklace / $165



The 'mini crush' necklace in silver / Also available in a two-tone gold fill and silver combination / $68



The 'pom pom' necklace in a oxidized silver and pyrite combination / $243



Lovely coral colored rosebud studs with a gold fill post / $96



The 'mixed tube' bracelet in a gold fill and oxidized silver combination / $96



Pyramid earrings in a matte silver / $96


Come in and check out the rest of this collection and more from the wonderful and talented Jenny Sheriff!

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