Holiday at A.Cheng!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Have you had your cup of Hot Chocolate with a Giant Marshmallow in it yet?  If not, then get to! 

This blog post is for all of our friends and customers that have moved out of NYC and are not able to shop in our store physically anymore. Even though we do our best to update the website, it is definitely no replacement for the real thing and I know you guys just want us to pick stuff out for you to try on! So whether you are out of State or just around the corner and have been to busy to pop in, here are some pics to show you "inside the jewel box".

XO and Happy Holidays!
Alice, Nicole , Cathryn ( our newest gal- come introduce yourself ) , Amelia ( who now is too busy for us! ) and AnneClaire ( who may still be able to teach us French yet! )

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