Top It Off - Weekday Jacket

What do you do in the summer when it's blazingly hot out but feels like 60 below indoors? When that navy blue cardigan with the upper-arm slimming qualities just won't cut it anymore? When your cute summer dresses transform from fab to drab when it's stuffed under a "last minute sweater"?

Answer: wear a bright red jacket! Wear any well made jacket! Its structure looks so good on the shoulders and does great things to frame the face when it's summer and everyone is wearing strapless dresses.


The Weekday Jacket with an Ilana Kohn dress


Red is definitely a statement so for a subtler option we carry the jackets in a chic khaki and also in classic black.

Come into the shop wearing your favorite dress - top it off with the Weekday Jacket and see just how much you need it!

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