Plan Ahead

This fall think wool. Think ponchos. Do your thinking in a wool poncho!

Incredibly versatile. Wear it now and until next spring to keep warm but you'll never sweat in it.

How do you wear a poncho? Use it like a jacket - a luxurious, oversize jacket. Wear it over your favorite long sleeve, cropped boy jeans, and ankle booties! Dress it up for work or evening by wearing it over a button up shirt, black pants, and loafers or a high heel! These pieces are made in NYC and have top notch zippers as well as deep sturdy pockets.

If you're a long term planner and are already thinking winter like I am.. (I'm looking at all the fall jackets in stores online and trying to justify price by seeing if I can wear them into winter). Wear them with longer gloves and your basic winter accessories, the hat and scarf. They poncho is roomy enough to cover your bottom so it's warmth all around. I cannot stress enough how cute AND practical these pieces are. Oh, and did I mention they're a limited run? Yup, we only made 4 in each pattern! Come in to try them on, they'll be gone soon.

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