Scented Body Oil

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an ultra hydrating, natural, EVERYDAY body oil. hydrate and nourish your body with our 100% natural oil blend featuring:

coconut oil to hydrate and replenish skin
olive oil to smooth skin tone and texture
rosehip seed oil to brighten + boost collagen

how to: use EVERYDAY. apply over entire body after shower or bath. using body oil before applying fragrance will dramatically increase staying power of your perfume. extreme delight and happiness may be experienced.

  • 4.1 oz/120 ml
  • made in los angeles, ca
  • paraben, phthalate, + BHT free
  • vegan + cruelty free

Scent Profiles:

Leila Lou: infused with the subtle scent of pear, jasmine, and fresh cut grass

James: infused with the subtle scent of of fig, amber and gardenia.



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