Colorblock Candle - Multiple Scents

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The box is wrapped in a unique linen-textured paper and cello wrapped. Every candle is hand poured in a glass vessel and we use lead-free cotton wicks. Each container is filled with a soy wax blend and topped with a white oak lid that is hand-milled in Maine. Soy wax + cotton wicks. 12 oz / Natural fragrance. Burn time is 65 hours.
Bleu Phthalo (Blue) : Night Blooming Jasmine / Greens / Gardenia / Musk
Chartreuse (Green): Cedar / Sandalwood / Frankincense
Profond Rose (Pink): Tuberose / Jasmine / Orange Blossom
Citrus (Yellow): Eucalyptus / Bergamot / Grapefruit / Lemon
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