Dark, Wild + Deep Votive Candles 2 oz

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2 oz. soy wax votive candle in smoke grey glass. Burn time of approximately 16 hours.

City of Night - notes of dark hinoki oil and charred vetiver blend with cypress and fir needle. Black pepper and woody floral accords are finished with velvety leather and oaken whiskey. 

Gold Dust - gold santal and saffron dust layered over powdery notes and hyacinth. Tobacco blossom and orris are stirred into a garland of fragrant blooms. Finished with incense, musk and drops of dark patchouli. 

Devotion - Layers of dried black tea leaves steeped in lemongrass and balsam fir blend with woodflower oil and drops of effervescent bergamot oil. Finished with deep green mossy accords.

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