Nourishing Apres Ski Serum Vegan

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Nourishing facial serum, Made in Brooklyn. This unique blend contains powerful nourishing oils such as pumpkin, jojoba and rosehip seed to help stabilize your skin and bring it back to it's natural balance.


Ingredients & Benefits: 


Pumpkin seed oil

Rich in skin-loving nutrients vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc. The antioxidant vitamins A and C help prevent the sebum oxidation behind many outbreaks. Pumpkin seed oil is especially helpful for keeping skin clear since it’s very high in linoleic acid.


Rosehip seed oil

This oil penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin where it regenerates cells and increases collagen production. It is rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids, all of which are known to help heal scar tissue. It is also high in retinoic acid, which studies show reduces the appearance of wrinkles and brightens skin. This skin savior is revered for its nourishing properties. 


Jojoba oil

A light oil that is easily absorbed. It mimics the skin’s sebum, tricking it to produce less oil making it effective for a wide range of skin types and conditions. Dry or oily, young or mature, jojoba helps bring balance to skin.

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